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Franchise Territory Optimisation

Franchise Territory Optimisation is a blend of data analytics, demographics & territory mapping or location planning to maximise success.

Franchise Territory Optimisation

Franchise Territory Optimisation is a blend of data analytics, the right demographics and territory mapping or location planning

Developing franchise territories of the right size, with sufficient numbers of the right target customers to maximise franchisee success. It identifies the profile of your target customers, establishes your total market size and how many territories or outlets the market can support. In turn, this guides the correct sizing of your territories based on each having a sufficient number of target customers with the right demographic profile. 

Franchise territory optimisation maximises the chances of franchisee success, delivering essential territory data such as the number of potential customers and identifying high concentrations of them geographically.

Let Tech4T create optimised territories for you – in any country – or give you the tools to design your own territories, as-you-need, based on your own criteria or franchisee home locations.

We can also let you design franchise territories based on drive times or radius circles around a specific location, whilst taking account of competition!

It gives franchise brands the objective data needed to define their ideal territory network and help determine and justify what investment is needed from potential franchisees.

Franchise Territory Optimisation

OUR 3 STEP APPROACH - To Mapping Your Franchise Territory Network

Franchise Territory Optimisation

Designing your territory network based on objective, data-driven decision-making will have significant advantages:

Franchise Territory Optimisation

Our Franchise Territory Optimisation service will:

Tech4T’s unique approach to franchise territory optimisation incorporates both territory design and  location planning expertise.

We are certified partners of the British Franchise Association and Quality Franchise Association and have worked with hundreds of franchise brands across the globe over the last 25 years to help them grow their businesses.

Whether you are a start-up looking to create your territory network or an established franchise brand looking to enhance your existing territory structure or expand globally, we are here to help.

ActionCOACH The world’s Largest Business Coaching Firm

“The maps are marvelous and we are constantly receiving praise from our franchise candidates on the professionalism and the amount of valuable information that is provided by them.  They are also essential in managing our territories with existing franchise partners.”

– Kevin Alft, CEO/President, ActionCOACH of Texas

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