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Your location matters – that’s why we created Territory Runner, the most comprehensive interactive map-based Location Intelligence System around, that enables you to optimise your sales teams and make the right franchise and location planning decisions. 

Driven by Tech4T’s predictive data analytics, coupled with hard-won consultancy, every solution we deliver will help your business deliver increased sales growth!

We help you identify and develop new markets and maximise the untapped potential in your existing territories, with our ongoing support and industry-leading expertise.

For more than 25 years, we’ve worked across the world and been trusted by companies including Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Hallmark Cards, World Pay, Sky, Adrian Flux Insurance Services, and Costa Coffee, as well as more than 500 franchise brands including Action Coach, Techy Tots, Mac Tools, Baby Ballet, Mind Marvels and Tutor Doctor.

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Sales Team Managers


Location Planners

Tech4T is an expert data analytics and mapping company. We provide you with easy-to-understand and actionable data-driven and map-based solutions, so you can make the right intelligence-led territory and location planning decisions for your business.

Improving Sales Growth
Sales Team Optimisation

Optimise your sales team and your sales territories with shareable data maps that show you exactly what’s possible in each area and how to best maximise the sales opportunities. Evidence shows that this can boost sales team productivity by more than 30%.

Improving Sales Growth
Franchise Territory Optimisation

Plan, grow or sell franchise territories based on map-based intelligence. See which locations to focus on, and whether you need to amend franchise areas to ensure each one has equal chance of success. Examine the data that is most important and relevant to your franchise network growth.

Improving Sales Growth
Location Planning

Ensure your new branches or business premises are located in exactly the right location, supported by key demographics to ensure they succeed. See everything from transport links to the latest census and business demographic data, coupled with your own customer profiles, and fully understand your catchment and drive-time areas. Even see where your competitors are located.

Improving Sales Growth
Territory Runner

The most comprehensive interactive map-based Territory and Location Intelligence System around.

  • Combine business intelligence and geographic information in systems custom configured for each client.
  • Zoom in and out to see relevant information at whatever level you want.
  • Ensure territories can be fully covered using drive-time and radius catchments.
  • Include any data sets you already have or we can source relevant data for you.
  • Examine demographic information and customer profiles and even the location of rival businesses.
  • Create thematic heat maps and see customer hot spots so you know exactly where to focus.
  • See the impact of travel and transport information and any other external factors that may impact your business.
  • Print out or share digital maps with your teams.
  • Secure access with permission controls so you set the rules on who can see what.
  • Ongoing support from territory and location intelligence experts.

Want in-depth market and customer information? read about our Market and Customer Analysis service.

Territory Runner. Tech4T’s bespoke Territory and Location Intelligence System unlocks a world of actionable insight.

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