Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation Industry-leading Solutions

We have supplied Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation Industry-leading Solutions over the last 25 years and have established ourselves as the data analytics and mapping technology experts.
Our unique Sales Teams Solutions, Franchise Territory Solutions, Market & Customer Analysis Solutions,
Location Planning Solutions, all deliver the information needed for a data-driven growth strategy that supports long-term success.

Specialists in the field of location intelligence we work in 4 key areas of Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation – Sales Team Optimisation, Franchise Territory Optimisation, Location Mapping and Market & Customer Analysis – unlocking actionable insight that helps you reach more of the right customers, efficiently and intelligently.

Ever wished you could identify your current and future customers, visualise them geographically and identify the best ways to cost-effectively serve them? Welcome to Tech4T – dynamic solutions for targeted business growth.

Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation

Location Intelligence using Territory Runner™

Territory Runner  is a Location Intelligence and Mapping system designed to help you visualise and understand your company and market data geographically using data from our sales territory mapping softwarefranchise territory mapping software, and our retail location mapping system.  It’s the ultimate tool for strategic and operational planning.

Territory Runner, sales territory mapping, franchise mapping software, retail location mapping

Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation Solutions
Sales Team Optimisation

If your sales team struggle to prioritise sales visits to the right people at the right intervals to increase sales, you probably to consider our Sales Teams Solution. This provides a helping hand so you can benefit from our Franchise Territory Optimisation. We can help you assess, size and restructure your territories and your internal and external sales teams to maximise results.

Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation, Sales Teams Solutions

Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation Solutions
Franchise Territory Optimisation

Want to attract more franchisees to your network, build territories of the right size and with sufficient customers? We can help with our sales & franchise territory optimisation technology by analysing & optimising existing territories or identifying and building new ones.

Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation

Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation Solutions
Location Planning

Our location planning will help you find the best locations for individual outlets and stockists. Analyse competitor proximity, demographic makeup & local market saturation and prioritise openings.

Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation
Sales & Franchise Territory Optimisation Solutions
Market & Customer Analysis

Location intelligence in action – understanding your market opportunity, by visualising it geographically and seeing your share. This analysis will help you segment and target existing customers with the right offers, locate new customers and develop a data-driven sales team to maximise sales.

geographic area , sales territory & Franchise Territory Optimisation

Territory Runner. Tech4T’s bespoke Location Intelligence and Mapping system, unlocking a world of actionable insight.

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