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Sales Territory Mapping: How To Gain An Advantage Over Your Competitors

Sales Territory Mapping: How To Gain An Advantage Over Your Competitors

Sales are the most important element of almost any business. This is why focusing on your sales team and giving them the tools to do their job as best as they possibly can makes sense at every level. One such tool is sales territory mapping, which is the process of defining the area, objectives, and revenue that your sales team are responsible for targeting.

Sales mapping takes some careful consideration because if you get it wrong, it can have a big impact on your business. Constant changes of territory can cause confusion in the sales team and affect productivity. From a customer’s point of view, frequent changes of account managers can impact relationships and ultimately lead to lost revenue.

With the right help, you can create and use unique and cost-effective sales territory mapping software systems to help you and your sales team to structure and define your sales territories and to achieve company objectives. Here’s how and why it works.

Recognise Underserved Markets

Analysis tools in the mapping software make it possible to identify overlooked markets in your region. The visual data functionality gives you a more meaningful interpretation of territories you won’t see on an ordinary spreadsheet, allowing you to pinpoint new markets and areas where you can sell. It can also help you conduct competitor analysis to better understand where they’re strong and where they’re lacking.

Respond To Market Changes

Of course, markets are always in flux, and conditions can change quickly. Sales territory mapping helps you to respond faster to these fluctuations while the competition is still playing catch-up.

More Effective Targeting

An effective sales territory plan is based on predictive intelligence produced by analysing customers, sales values and frequency of purchases, competitors, locations etc. to help you identify areas with high sales potential and prioritise sales efforts accordingly. The ability to transform demographic and sales data into meaningful visual aids in just a few minutes can also save valuable time. This could include easy-to-use maps where you can identify the location of new or high-value customers, or even potential customers in close proximity. This kind of data is often not available in the same system elsewhere.

Improved Efficiency

Territory mapping can help you to optimise sales routes and schedules, streamlining your processes. Plus, with the right approach to mapping and the correct use of software, salespeople’s driving time will decrease, and the overall objective of identifying higher-value accounts and potential customers becomes more streamlined and effective.

Understand Customer Behaviour

Mapping allows you to visualise customer numbers and locations on a map, identifying areas of high concentration, creating catchment areas and assisting you in building a clearer picture of customer behaviour.

As you can see, sales territory mapping software provides you with a range of advanced features that allow you to leverage technology and give you the edge over competitors, as well as making you more agile and better prepared for the future. An effective understanding of predictive or forecasted intelligence and demographics using sales territory mapping from Tech4T can help you give your sales team everything they need to succeed. Request a demo to learn more about what sales territory mapping could do for your business.

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