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How Sales Teams Can Benefit From Effective Sales Territory Mapping

How Sales Teams Can Benefit From Effective Sales Territory Mapping

Computer screen with location data of ‘USA regions’ to show how sales teams benefit from effective territory mapping.

Businesses outgrow their sales territories all the time as they expand. Similarly, over time the demographic or geographic boundaries change. For some businesses, being able to adapt to the growth and evolution of sales territories is not easy, which all too often leaves sales teams struggling to keep up. This can lead to churn within the sales team and confusion with customers about exactly who their point of contact might be.

Any business lives or dies by the strength of its sales, so it’s vital you do whatever you can to give them a competitive advantage. This is why sales territory mapping software can help. This can assist you to make informed decisions about how to manage territory growth, as well as visualising existing sales data in an entirely new way. Here’s how it works.

Increased Efficiency

Sales territory optimisation can help your sales team to find better routes, spend less time travelling and more time engaging with customers. Similarly, being able to transform sales data into meaningful visual aids quickly can also save valuable time, reducing workload and allowing focus in all the right areas.

Targeting Smarter

More visual data helps sales teams to target their efforts and focus on the most promising opportunities, including being able to identify underserved markets.

Increased Revenue

More efficient working and better targeting can all contribute to an overall increase in revenue, which means better ROI for investment in your sales team and a healthier bottom line.

Better Allocated Resources

Sales territory mapping software allows sales teams to allocate their resources more effectively, helping them to provide better service for existing and new customers.

Smaller And More Equal Workloads

By taking into account customer data, travel time and market demand, sales territory mapping will deliver equal opportunities and workloads for everyone in your sales team. Sales can be a tough job, so optimising territories in this way can help to prevent burnout and keep morale high.

By leveraging the power of data visualisation through sales territory mapping software, you can support your sales team and help them to achieve their targets. This can build confidence, reduce churn and ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction. This is an important but often overlooked element of any sales management, especially for businesses that are growing and facing the challenges of expanding sales territories.

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