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16th June 2022

Carole Barlow
A sales territory is nowadays increasingly being defined by much more than geographic area, as companies become more aware of other factors they need to consider.

1st March 2022

Carole Barlow
Harry Ramsden’s is Britain’s longest established restaurant chain and is world famous for its Fish and Chips. When the brand wanted to build on its impressive heritage and grow their UK footprint via a franchise model to roll out their two core offerings, Restaurants and “Locals” (take away), they came to Tech4T.

14th February 2019

Carole Barlow
Our sales team optimisation can optimise your sales team, so think twice before recruiting a new sales team member, try our software first.

3rd August 2018

Carole Barlow
In logistics, company profits rely on being able to deliver the right goods to the right point in the quickest, shortest route possible. Without robust delivery scheduling and a route plan logistics operations would collapse.

14th July 2018

Carole Barlow
Many organisations view sales force optimisation as a cost reduction exercise. Hardly surprising, when there are significant cost efficiencies available. But focus on cost alone is to overlook the size of the opportunity prize – and to ignore the needs of the customer! These organisations will nevertheless claim to be “customer-centric”. Really?

4th June 2018

Carole Barlow
When it comes to designing sales territories there’s often more than one way to carve up your geographic sales landscape. In this post Tech4T explores some of the points for consideration and where some of the pitfalls lie.

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