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Location Planning

Helping you find the best locations for individual outlets and stockists. Analyse competitor proximity, demographic makeup & local market saturation and prioritise openings.

If you’re considering expanding or are seeking new locations for your business, Tech4T can remove much of the risk by giving you insight into the best locations to select – and those to avoid. Or perhaps you’re wanting to streamline your branch network and want knowledge to help you make that strategic decision. If it’s location related you need Location Planning from Tech4T.

If you have a proposed site in mind, our innovative data analysis, sales territory mapping software, and franchise territory mapping software provide the information needed to understand the surrounding population and whether or not they are a good match for your brand and products.

Alternatively, if you are looking to establish a network of outlets, Tech4T can deliver the knowledge needed to identify the areas offering the greatest market opportunities – including a list of prioritised openings based on likely profitability. This can make such a difference as to how quickly those locations can start building a profit. Plus, when you know what good looks like and can understand the factors influencing the most successful locations, it’s so much easier to replicate these elsewhere.

Location Planning, planning the right location
Location Planning

We determine the factors influencing the success of a location or network, using spatial analysis combined with company, market and demographic data to answer questions such as:

These are just a few of the factors that are modelled and mapped to define the best geographic areas for a new outlet or network with prioritised openings based on profitability. Results will support your strategic planning process by helping to quantify how many and what types of outlets are required to achieve optimal coverage. Analysis outcomes can also help you tailor the stock and store layout to suit the surrounding population. Catchment bands for each potential location are modelled to avoid cannibalisation of sales and jeopardising your current trade. Results will also help identify the best areas for local marketing activities such as Google ads, leafleting and roadshows.
Location Planning

So, if you want the ability to:

Why Use Tech4T To Improve Your Location Planning?

Tech4T is here to help. We have the expertise and technical skill to support your strategic location planning, quantifying the number of outlets required to achieve optimal coverage and exactly where best to locate them.

How we helped Chickano's triple their sales targets

“Our vision at Chickano’s is ‘to be the most successful premium quick-service restaurant group in the UK, and then beyond. Tech4T have provided us with the most amazing tool to realise this vision. their online territory mapping software is well designed, functional, bespoke and easily navigable. This software maps out territories intelligently throughout the UK, displays them clearly on screen and thus greatly enhances our presentations. Other key benefits include its ability to visually plot key data such as attractors and competitors. The software also displays relevant demographic data tables all on the same screen.

Our Tech4T solution has become an essential tool for our sales team who have already tripled their first-year sales target. Tech4T ae a pleasure to work with, always available and willing to offer support and advice. Our decision to go with Tech4T has been one of the most fortuitous decisions that the company has made”.

– Sajad Hussain MBA – Managing Director, Chickano’s Family

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