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Customer Insight

Where do I locate my business to attract the right customers?

As a business leader, you’ll want to ensure that your branches, shops, offices, or venues are located in the perfect …

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Sales & Field Force

How do I optimise my remote sales team to deliver success?

Having a remote sales team is one thing but how do you ensure they are working efficiently and maximising opportunities, …

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Sales & Field Force

Are my sales team all travelling roughly the same distance? 

At first glance this question may seem way down the list of things to consider when you are establishing sales …

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location intelligence, Franchise Mapping Software
Location Planning

Why are some of my business locations successful & others aren’t?

You’ve opened up new branches or sales outlets with optimism and excitement but are now struggling to understand why some …

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Location Planning

What is Business Location Planning and why it matters?

If you’re a business thinking about opening new branches or relocating your premises, howdo you go about planning the right …

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Location Planning

Do competitors nearby attract footfall to my business?

If your business has bricks and mortar locations such as shops or venues, it is essential thatas many customers as …

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