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If you’re a franchise owner, a company with multiple geographic locations and/or a field sales team or a marketing team that needs analysis - Territory Runner is the ultimate tool for strategic and operational planning.

Territory Runner  is a Global Location Intelligence and Mapping system designed to help you increase sales growth, visualising and understanding sales territory mapping, franchise mapping software, and the retail location mapping of your company, together with its market data geographically. 

When combined with our hard-won analytics consultancy, it’s the ultimate tool for strategic and operational planning custom-built for each client so you can interact with your data and, as you zoom in, additional data and insights become available. You can also filter the data to reveal new patterns and viewpoints and click on the map to uncover location-specific data.

Expand your knowledge of your customers and territory or site networks with the addition of authoritative data like demographics, business stats, postal and local authority boundaries, customer locations, team bases, retail stores, competitors, dealers – all with their relationships clearly mapped.

Secure access. Built around a sophisticated database structure with strong permissions rules, each user can securely access, view or update only the data and maps you want them to see.

Easy to use. Our intuitive system is a hybrid solution with Tech4T taking care of all the underlying data, mapping preparation and analytics.

We deliver access to ready-to-use data, statistics and maps to inform your business-critical decisions and support on-going activity planning, leaving you to get on with running your business.  Ideal for management teams and planners the system comes complete with all the maps and data you need – customers, prospects, sales, orders, competitors, demographics, business stats, data points such as retail chains, schools, health centres, hospitals, gyms – whatever is relevant to your business.

Sales Territory Mapping Software with Territory Runner™

Our Sales Territory Mapping Solutions using Territory Runner™ gives you a big picture view of your sales function. You’ll have an unrivaled geographic visualisation of your market and opportunities. And the sales and location intelligence your company needs for strategic planning and tactical execution.

Franchise Mapping Software with Territory Runner™

Franchise Mapping Solutions helps franchisors strategically plan, map and sell more franchise territories so is an essential tool for an expanding franchise business. Our custom-built online systems are matched to exact franchisor requirements.

Retail Location Mapping with Territory Runner™

Retail Location Mapping is a fully customisable system that comes loaded with data from your own systems plus tailored market, demographic, competitor, and business statistics hand-picked to enhance your company data so you can make informed business-critical decisions.

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