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Charles-Edouard Delelis-Fanien, General Manager of LPG UK

“I am delighted with what Tech4T did for us.

“Not only did they deliver what I asked them to do, but they also provided really useful suggestions and advice, and delivered far more value than I imagined.

“They were flexible, very reactive, and exceeded my expectations in every way. They have allowed us to have the right foundations in place for future growth, and I look forward to working with them in the years to come.”

Sales Territory Design

About LPG

First class sales territory design has always been vital for LPG, a multinational health, beauty, and well-being company founded in France more than 30 years ago.

With a presence in more than 100 countries around the world, the right sales territory design was more important than ever when the company launched its latest subsidiary in the UK in September 2021.

LPG is a world leader in cellular stimulation and produces a range of patented cosmetics and health improvement and enhancement technologies, all clinically proven and backed by science. These are widely used in a range of health and beauty environments including beauty salons, private clinics, health clubs, and in the cosmetic surgery industry.


The Challenge

LPG UK launched with two Business Development Managers (BDMs) covering London and Liverpool and knew that they needed a far greater presence to maximise the company’s significant sales potential.

The plan was to create further sales territories and utilise a data list of more than 17,000 contacts to target potential buyers.

The company needed help to understand where best to establish their new territories and recruit new sales staff.

In addition, the company wanted a way to optimise the activities of their BDMs by reducing their travelling time between appointments and enabling them to focus on those prospects with the most potential.

Tech4T's Response

With deep experience in territory design and sales team optimisation, Tech4T adopted a multipronged approach to challenges faced by LPG.

This included the following:

  • A review and assessment of the data list with suggestions provided on how to create and validate an up-to-date prospects list.
  • Plotting past customers and sales prospects onto a fully interactive sales territory map that could be interrogated from postcode level to national level.
  • Segmentation of valid data by customer type and priority with high-priority prospects clearly defined.
  • Identification of optimum sales territories – each created to have a similar number of high-priority prospects.
  • Further segmentation into manageable sales zones so sales staff could easily and efficiently plan their activities.
  • Creation of separate records for each sales prospect.
  • Creation of individual eXplorer maps for each BDM showing them only their territory and the customer and prospect data within it.
  • Creation of territory and zone heat maps showing concentrations of prospects and customers so BDMs could further focus their activities.

The Outcome

Thanks to the above, LPG UK were able to establish five sales territories covering the regions with the most potential – the South West, Midlands, the South East, London, and the North.

In addition, they were able to recruit new sales staff positioned in or close to these territories and understand exactly the opportunities they each had, as well as the distances and time they would spend travelling between appointments.

The segmentation of prospects also meant these staff could focus on high-priority potential customers first and plan their activities around the biggest sales opportunities.

What’s more, the staff could clearly see where existing customers were located on their individual territory maps, thus reducing their time in an area that was already well served by the company.

These efficiency savings, coupled with the identification of key sales area and targets, have meant the business is now on track to grow rapidly in the UK.

The Future

As the company grows its customer base in the UK, information such as sales recency, frequency, value, and activity can all be included in the interactive maps it uses.

This will enable further refining of targeting and segmentation and let the company easily see which customers are lapsed and which areas need more attention.

This insight will also enable LPG UK to make intelligence-led decisions on the recruitment of more sales staff and the design of their sales territory network.

sales territory design

About Territory Runner

Territory Runner is Tech4T’s custom developed Location Intelligence System that leads the way in sales team optimisation, territory mapping, and location planning.

It is the most easy-to-use and comprehensive mapping system around and features interactive maps that can be interrogated from postcode / zip code level all the way through to national and international level, anywhere in the world.

Any dataset can be integrated into the system, along with data held by the client, making it a complete solution for businesses that want to ensure they are located in, and are optimising, their ideal locations.

What’s more, with Territory Runner, data can be segmented and filtered, and heatmaps displayed so business leaders, franchise owners, and sales staff know exactly where and who to target to maximise success.

The system is individually configured for each client using the data most relevant and useful to them, and individual maps can be created for each salesperson or territory owner so that they only see information related to their specific area.

Over 25 years, high-profile brands around the world such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Hallmark, World Pay, Sky, and Costa Coffee, as well as more than 500 franchise businesses, including Action Coach, Signs Express, Mac Tools, and Tutor Doctor, have trusted Territory Runner and Tech4T to provide them with the right location intelligence insight and expertise.


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