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B2B Sales Territory Mapping case study – SealSkinz

SealSkinz sales territory mapping

Sales Territory Mapping for SealSkinz – case study now available

SealSkinz, a specialist manufacturer of outdoorwear products recently commissioned Tech4T to help them redesign and optimise their field sales territory structures.

The project objective was simple; help the sales reps improve customer engagement and increase prospecting activity. Our project consisted of the following elements;

  • Analysis & Insight: which customers presented more opportunity than others, how to re-activate lapsed customers, what were the priorities for visit schedules.
  • Sales Territory Design: identify overlaps and gaps in coverage, align the right reps to the right customers.
  • B2B Prospect data: deliver prospects for each rep to weave into their daily visit cycles.
  • Visit schedules: segment customers into 6-week call cycles ensuring that each customer was being seen an optimum number of times per year.
  • Routes: arrange customer and prospect visits into the most appropriate order keeping sales rep drive-time down to a minimum.

You can read the full case study – meanwhile here’s what SealSkinz sales manager, Mick Bustin had to say about working with Tech4T.

“Clear visualisation of sales territories across the UK in a very simple to understand colour keyed country map. This has continually proved useful when speaking to potential new employees and when presenting to company stakeholders as well as helping us communicate internally to our customer service team.

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]The largest gain for us is a more balanced workload can service to their customers without us having to recruit.[/pullquote]

Combined with the invaluable postcode segmentation of sales territories across the UK for both active accounts and new leads and prospects has clarified our areas and moved us away from a soft allocation of sales territory and removed any chance of confusion. We probably use the “Postcode Allocator” at least once per day in the office and amongst the sales team.

Having clearly defined postcode mapping now allows us to be more specific in our trade marketing campaigns and can now direct our campaigns more accurately.

Re-design of the sales areas has given a more balanced spread of customers for each account manager allocation allowing more time with each account. The largest gain for us is having a more balanced workload which means that each account manager can give proportionate service to their customers on a regular 6 week call schedule without us having to recruit extra account managers.

To find out more please do get in touch with us via phone: 01733 890 790 or via our contact form.

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