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New software product – Territory Runner Location Intelligence System

New software product – Territory Runner Location Intelligence System

Location Intelligence System, Business Intelligence Software, BI Tool, Geographic mapping software, Sales Planning application

Explore sales territories using the map, view reps, customers, prospects, visit data and overlay sales data using Location Intelligence System by Tech4t.

Tech4T launch business intelligence software – Territory Runner

Territory Runner is a geographic business intelligence software, that allows non-technical users to visualise sales territory structures and analyse the activity going on simply and quickly.

Via a simple-to-use interface, much like navigating a website, non-technical users can explore any data or information connected to geographic sales activity. Customer locations, rep activity, sales performance, and product purchase information is easily accessible via a map view and a series of reports which pull together how the business performs over time.

Its premise is simple,” a picture paints a thousand words”…for the busy sales manager, information about your territory sales right down to how many visits a rep has completed on a given day can be made available and explorable to you via easy to use map views.

We have been using Territory Runner for some time now, clients that engage Tech4T to provide a field-sales territory assessment or territory design & optimisation service receive the Territory Runner viewer as part of our outputs.

In the case of territory assessments seeing your rep, customer and prospect data on a map is one thing. The true power of the solution lies in the ability to explore this information drilling up and drilling down to an individual rep or customer level in order to make informed decisions on how best to structure your territories.

We also offer a monthly refresh service so you can see how your territory activity is changing over time.

Using Territory Runner, managing and sharing sales territory information across the business has never been easier…we’re also offering you the chance to try it for free.

To find out more please use our contact form to get in touch, alternatively, call 01733 890 790 to speak to us directly.

dataSCOPE business intelligence allows field sales rep workload to be analysed easily
The graph shows an analysis of the project workload for 2 agents given the number of customers and prospects requiring a desired call frequency throughout the year to trigger a sale.

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