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Franchise advertising – focus marketing effort

Franchise advertising and marketing need not be a shot in the dark

Franchise businesses (all businesses for that matter!) that frequently advertise must allocate their budgets with great care. The key is to focus franchise advertising and marketing campaigns in those areas where the greatest concentrations of the relevant target groups reside.

Tech4T helps franchise companies uncover more areas of potential and target their marketing campaigns more effectively, providing answers to the following media-planning questions…

  • Who should be targeted by a specific marketing campaign?
  • Where are the most promising areas in which to concentrate marketing efforts – i.e. where do individuals contained within the key target groups live?
  • Does the chosen advertising medium suit the company’s sales structure?
  • Was the marketing campaign a success?
  • How can future campaigns be made more effective based on an analysis of regional responses?

Using a customised approach that focuses on specific target groups, agencies, marketing divisions and publishers can exploit areas of untapped potential in their markets through region-specific advertising.

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]Region-focused advertising boosts response rates[/pullquote]

In order to optimise a large advertising campaign, customer distribution can be shown on digital maps. Customer characteristics such as sales volume and information from online order forms are associated with each point on the map. The next step is to associate regional characteristics with the customer data – this includes target group factors such as GfK Purchasing Power, income levels, household profiles, etc.

Afterwards, the typical customer profile for each of a franchise company’s active regions becomes clear. This yields significant insight.

For example, this process might reveal that turnover is highest in regions with mid-level incomes, a high percentage of older residents and a majority of apartment blocks housing 5 or more families. This profile can then be used to find other areas in the country that share these characteristics.

By targeting marketing and advertising campaigns in these areas, companies can use their budget to maximum benefit while generating the highest number of positive responses.

All businesses must decide for themselves which advertising approach to take, whether this be printed materials, outdoor advertising, radio spots, online or cross-media.

However, one can assume that different target groups respond to different types of advertising media.

By overlaying varying datasets on a map, Tech4T can identify where specific target groups live and then select advertising approaches for these areas that are most likely to generate a response.

To summarise, a mapping approach provides benefits for media planning and marketing divisions across a wide spectrum of activities, from the preparation of a strategic marketing campaign to the measuring and analysis of customer responses.

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