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30% Efficiency gain for Costa Coffee field sales reps

Field sales representatives lead generation prospecting geographic mapping and territory design Hot on the heels of our Costa Coffee case study, (click here to read the full article) we caught up with Costa’s Tim Warner to find out how Territory Runner was performing for the business.

Here’s what Tim had to say;

“Costa enterprises worked with T4T to develop a bespoke lead tracking and data collection database with a geographic mapping element that can visualise customers, leads and prospects – Territory Runner.

The team love the ease of use and logical flow of the system and for me, the ability to plan territories and journey plan campaigns has decreased admin and dramatically increased the team’s efficiency.

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]We’ve completed a wave of calls 2 weeks quicker. So that’s 5 weeks not 7 – nearly 30% quicker![/pullquote]

“T4T understood our business need from the first meeting and they have added value in every step of the way.

Their flexible approach and quick response times have been fantastic.

I would definitely recommend Tech4T to anyone looking to drive efficiencies in their sales teams!” – Tim Warner, Costa Coffee.

Territory Runner has been developed by Tech4T in response to the needs of the modern Sales Director.

Territory Runner is an easy to use fully hosted online application that allows sales managers and sales representatives alike to;

  • Design, edit and save multi-layer geographic territory designs anywhere in the world.
  • View customers and prospects as points on the map.
  • Analyse sales information relating to points on the map such as customers or sites.
  • Manage the relationships between sales representatives and customers/prospects.
  • Report on and track daily sales activity such as number of visits completed.
  • Create visit schedules and journey plans cutting down on time spent planning.

To find out more about Territory Runner and how it can be used by your field sales teams, please visit our Territory Runner page or get in touch with us directly using our contact form on calling 01733 890 790.

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