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Premium Credit appoints Tech4T for sales territories

Premium Credit

UK insurance finance specialist Premium Credit Ltd appoints Tech4T to design and deliver national field sales territories.

Having identified an opportunity to improve customer and prospect engagement by merging two previously separate business development teams, Premium Credit Ltd appointed Tech4T to deliver field sales territories that could unify the team, supporting business development objectives.

The desired outcome was to deliver field sales territories that equally divided workload and opportunity amongst the sales reps based on their existing base locations. The shape of the final territory structure took account of many variables including differences between customer segments, prospecting activity, priorities, drive-time and the number of visits required over a given period.

A key driver was to empower the sales reps to organise their time as efficiently as possible, reducing time spent planning and driving between visits thereby increasing capacity.

Visit scheduling and routing
Using specialist geographic mapping and routing software Tech4T, were able to present a range of scenarios that visually showed how the UK could be structured, identifying gaps and overlaps in field sales coverage. Tech4T were able to group areas of geography together within sales territories enabling a daily visit schedule and route plan to be produced by each field sales rep.

Premium Credit helps people spread the cost of their insurance premiums and provides businesses or individuals with the finance to pay annual fees in regular installments rather than one lump sum. Premium Credit serves 1.8 million customers via 4000 intermediaries and achieved advances of £3.3 billion in 2012, processing 24 million Direct Debits.

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