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Harry Ramsden’s franchise location planning strategy

Harry Ramsden’s franchise location planning strategy

Franchise location planning for Harry Ramsden’s is Britain’s longest established restaurant chain and is world-famous for its Fish and Chips.

Celebrating 85 years in operation, there are currently almost 30 Harry Ramsden’s outlets operating across the UK from as far North as Inverness right down to the South in Bournemouth, with branches also trading successfully in Ireland.

Building on their impressive heritage, Harry’s are seeking to grow their UK footprint via a franchise model rolling out their two core offerings – Restaurants and “Locals” (take away).

Harry Ramsden's franchise site location planning, geographic mapping, territory

The Harry Ramsden’s restaurant franchises contain seating and separate takeaway counters aimed at major cities and seaside locations while the “Local” franchise is geared towards being located in the heart of the community within heavily populated towns and suburbs.

Critical to the success of the franchise growth plan is an understanding of where the right geographic locations are within the UK to site both Restaurant and “Local” outlets.

Harry Ramsden’s Market review

Following a comprehensive market review, Tech4T was selected by the management team who were keen to develop a scientific approach to location planning that could evaluate and identify target regions, cities and towns for area development and ideal Harry Ramsden’s franchise site location.

Using a combination of our comprehensive datasets, analysis and geographic franchise planning software, Tech4T delivered a regional breakdown pinpointing the ideal locations for both franchise models.

A composite picture was created on a regional level delivered back via our Territory Runner Location Intelligence and
franchise mapping software allowing Harry Ramsden to interact with and query a wealth of information from historic trading analysis, geographic catchment areas based on population and drivetime through to the locations and proximity of key competitors.

Harry’s are now able to positively engage prospective franchisees in a collaborative manner, both parties clearly able to see the available opportunity, areas to avoid and the likely impact of site placement within a region.

“Geographic territory mapping is a vital part of Harry Ramsden’s recruitment process. Therefore, it was important we found a company that could deliver our requirements. It was clear from the first meeting that Tech4t were the company for the job. They have been highly professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process and have delivered exactly what we were looking for and more! We are looking forward to Tech4t being a key partner of Harry’s as the franchise business grows.”

Chris Palmer, Commercial Manager & Company Secretary

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dataSCOPE business intelligence and geographic analysis
Our Territory Runner platform allows Harry Ramsden’s to view retail site location hotspot information as well as query and interact with catchment data such as competitor locations, drive-times, walk-times, Census and demographic details. (Click on the image above for more information.)

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